Purveyor of finely pleated silks and opulently gilded velvets
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Uniquely Luxurious. Singularly Beautiful.

Inspired by a passion for lavish textiles of the past and from around the world. Silk & Glass brings special attention to the quality of our materials and to the detail in our work to provide a uniquely beautiful touch to your wardrobe!

Our wonderfully eclectic wraps and dresses are designed to fit elegantly to the form of
the individual, regardless of size, body shape, or gender.

Every length of silk, velvet, and cord arrives completely white. Made one-by-one, everything available has been dyed, pleated, and printed by hand. The patterns for each printing block are hand carved and then hand printed. The delicate silk gowns are all hand pleated. Every piece painstakingly handcrafted with a uniquely human touch.

Collection list

Teal Blue silk plisse delphos dress

Hand-Pleated Silk Gowns

Our elegantly simple, Delphos inspired gowns of hand-pleated silk clings lightly to the body, yet not restricting its movements. The texture of the fabric and...